About Nature Colored

Naturecolored first opened in Oakridge Shopping Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia on January 2014. We offer baby clothing made from organically grown or naturally colored cotton.

Protecting baby’s sensitive skin from toxic dyes and bleaches
Naturecolored products are produced from naturally colored organic cotton. Nature Colored uses fabrics that are manufactured with no chemical dyes. This means cotton has been grown and produced with no chemical pollution in the planting, spinning, weaving and garment processing. Since our fabrics are produced without chemical dyes, our products contain no heavy metal oxides, bleaching agents, formaldehyde, aromatic amine carcinogens and other toxic substances.

Lessening our environmental impact

Naturecolored cotton does not add any chemical pollutants to the environment because it is grown with no fertilizer, pesticides or chemicals. Naturecolored cotton conserves resources compared to conventional cotton production as one ton of naturally colored cotton fabric saves 70 tons of water. We also do not use any colored dyes or bleach.

NatureColored in the community

We at Naturecolored Canada believe in the importance of sharing our good fortune, and contributing to those in need. Every year, our Oakridge store sponsors a different child in need, though World Vision Canada.

To sponsor a child or make your own contribution, please visit www.worldvision.ca.